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Therefore, the image of the older woman as unhealthy or hypochondriacal is a myth.

In addition to the view that older women are physically unhealthy, older women have been found to be diagnosed with psychological problems 3 to 4 times more often than men (Beeson, 1975).

The results indicated that women in general and men aged 65 were rated significantly higher in femininity (particularly on those items rated feminine but socially undesirable).

Therefore, the perception of men undergoes a shift; older men are perceived as experiencing greater timidity and dependency during later life.

Older men, however, are perceived as becoming more "feminine" with age; femininity being equated with psychological dependency and timidity (Silverman, 1977; Woolf, 1988).

Silverman (1977) conducted a study examining age differences in sex-role stereotypes for men.

The sexless older woman is a common theme particularly in humor and greeting cards.

Even though women make up the majority of the older population, they have largely been ignored (Block, Davidson, & Grambs, 1981).

References to older women usually take the form of generalizations despite the fact that the older population is characterized by its heterogeneity.

This may represent an ageist bias within psychology and psychiatry.

It has been hypothesized that the large number of women seeking psychological support may be a consequence of increased social stress on the older woman.