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At times, Dominicans are influenced by American culture (for example, some listen to music in English, watch American movies, or say Americanized versions of things like “hamburger” instead of the Spanish “hamburguesa”, or exclaim “omaigah”.)Before I moved here, I lived in a Dominican neighborhood in New York City, and I had visited the island a few times, so I was familiar with some cultural aspects.

Hair, nails and makeup are always perfect, as a result of frequent salon visits to wash and straighten their hair.

Shoes are always perfectly shined, due in part to informal shoe-shiners who wait on street corners and by near major transportation hubs.

For about 20 pesos, your shoes will look brand new while you wait.

While many travellers come to visit the country’s most famous site, the ruins of Machu Picchu, the real Peru lies within its warm, proud inhabitants – many of whom can trace their bloodlines back to the Incas.

Whether you’re exploring the cobbled streets of Arequipa, bobbing on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca or uncovering mummies in Nazca, our Peru tours will have you feeling like a modern-day Indiana Jones.