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Or Wizard when he finds out you are not a married mother of three as you pretended. Many people have had to change their telephone numbers after being constantly harassed by some weirdo who phones them constantly in the middle of the night.

Remember that you don’t know anything about the other chat room users, except what they choose to tell you.

Create rooms on any type of topic, join rooms, search and discover new rooms, share rooms with others, private chat with others who are in the rooms and more. Post Yo provides a safe platform for users to express their thoughts and feelings without bullying, illegal acts, pornography, full nudity and anything else that might be related. Each post will have replies that represent the opinions of another user.It’s a great name for an anonymous chat app as you are basically given a platform to be yourself in an anonymous manner.It’s a safe haven for users who want to have a genuine social experience without being judged, condemned or bullying.Our app creates aliases with animal avatars for a perfect roleplay and making friends. Meet random foreign people from usa united kingdom india china taiwan russia italy germany korea singapore thailand in hundreds of interesting anonymous chats. Share secrets date interesting people or just kill time.Nobody will judge you as nobody can find out your real name. 1 000 000 interesting people online around the world 1000 group chatrooms in 32 international languages for learning and interracial dating 100 adorable cute avatars to choose from for your secret identity 70 skilled moderators to control order secure messaging and safety in discussions andforums antichat 39 s first version named s Apk Here. But never underestimate the level of danger lurking in chat rooms. And besides, isn’t it more fun talking about personal things to real people? Real contact with friends is a lot more meaningful in the long run than internet chats with faceless strangers, except if you are very shy and have no friends.