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), and so then they think that we Mexican girls automatically like to date these filthy beasts. would obviously hate their kids dating negroes even more than the lower class Mexicans do.

I mean sure, I think that it would be easier for these negroes to go after Mexican girls than Oriental girls probably because most of us Mexicans are generally a low income ethnic group in the U. compared to Orientals, but still a lot of Mexican girls I know also feel the same way I do. But I'm just glad that most of us Mexicans, whether middle class or lower class, still generally recognize that negroes should be avoided.

Like I said, I too would never condone my kids to go out with a black person when they get older.

My girlfriend also finds it annoying when black people come up to us and think just because aren't white that we accept these people with open arms for dating purposes etc.

These race issues in America will just keep going on and on.

I mean every ethnic group wants to be open-minded towards each other but at the same time they like to stick up for their own, and that's why "racism" is always going to be a serious never-ending issue that blacks will constantly complain of (and you blacks do complain a lot more than we Hispanics do).

And by the way there are a lot more Hispanic-White marriages than there are Black-Hispanic marriages in America. 105645756 #14630By Nina on Friday, January 14, 2005 - am Yeah , all these kkk rejects sure a good for a laugh, that's about all you can do! shame there isn't hardly any around where I live though!

They come up to me and start speaking a few words in Spanish (even a chimpanzee can be taught a few English or Spanish words, right?They always scream racism like you said without taking any responsibility of their own. I had never planned on dating anybody Mexican because hell they are looked at worse than what blacks are.Hispanics are much more reasonable people and even racist white people know it.105574477 #14602By viet ice cream on Thursday, January 13, 2005 - am You guys are right about negroes (and I'm going to call them negroes on this message board too just like other people do). I really don't want hispanics trying to sympathize with blacks because my ancestors have worked hard to get us where we are in America and I am tired of other minority groups piggy backing off the backs of us.105915933 #14703By Nina on Monday, January 17, 2005 - am Anonymous (Jan 16) What exactly do you mean 'piggy backing us'.Now I have known one Mexican girl and two white girls that have dated black guys, and two of those girls had really bad experiences.I mean it's like a kind of hypocrisy in the Latin American community I'll admit because on the one hand we identify with blacks that whites are the common exploiters, but on the other hand, we don't want our kids to all run off with negroes (and, yes we still call them NEGROES in Spanish by the way).There was one white man in a group of negroes, and they were making fun of him etc. I have also noticed how they act in a huffish manner towards Indian/Pakistanis and others when they are the majority or given an important position.