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In the interim, officers wore the Army's "pinks and greens" and airmen wore ODs (olive drab)this one hat badge & collar brass in number 4 are "transition" brass.These were worn on the Army Ikes before the new blue uniform came out.They quickly divorce and start slamming all army-men. The night before he left, he asked me to be his girlfriend. In April 2012, I went to his prom, and we both graduated in May.Long-distance was hard enough, but now Charlie's enlisted as an E4 in the United States Army Band.The WAF bugler photo from 1952 or 1953 shows her wearing the US collar disc on the left collar, so can anyone pinpoint a specific date the gold cut-out wing and prop discs were discontinued?BTW - Bob, this early USAF thread was an excellent idea!These were silver (like the chevrons), on shade 1084 blue.

The discs are without hallmarks and the hat emblem is KREW, G. Does anyone know for sure if USAF wore these gold cut-out hat emblems before they switched to the silver cut-outs?The same hat badge was also used later for females in the Army, but originally were USAF enlisted . James Jabara, the first USAF all jet ace from the Korean War. On the right is General Hoyt Vandenberg who at the time of the photo was Chief of Staff USAF.I got this info from an old collector buddy who was in the Air Force during WWII and after. I went thru USAF Basic at Lackland in April-May 1966 and served as a supply man till 1970.(That's why both of us : we've had to deal with too many broken promises before that we realize they're absolutely useless things.) Now, I realize that this is a very long, list-heavy rant.I felt like it was the only way to get my point across. " There's a whole lot of crap to shovel through before you get to the romantic part of the military, though (actually, if there's a romantic side to it, I have yet to see it).Sometimes, those of us who have been married forever (or maybe it just seems that way) can forget how it felt to be brand new to the lifestyle that comes as a part of falling in love with someone in uniform.