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Dating marriage spain

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Divorces have spread to almost all ages, with the highest incidence between 35 and 65 years.

The incidence of marriage in the Spanish population has been reduced over the past 30 years, from 5.3 marriages for every 1 000 inhabitants in 1981 to 3.3 in 2013 (2 marriages fewer for every 1 000 inhabitants).

In Spain, the contribution of the foreign population to the number of births each year is notable.

22.5 % of those born in 2013 in Spain come from couples where at least one of the parents is a foreigner, although the proportion varies significantly between different regions.

The law has been amended, giving rise to higher flexibility in the processes of couple formation and dissolution, and new models for living together have appeared alongside the traditional marriage model.

represent the second largest category (29.8 %) followed by widowed (7.9%) and divorced (5.8 %).

While the number of marriages has experienced a drop, cohabitation as a way of forming couples has increased.

Comparing data from the 20 censuses we can see that the number of consensual unions has doubled, going from 5.9 % of total couples in 2001 to 14.5 % in 2011.

The formation of family units has undergone significant change in recent years.

One of the most noticeable changes is found, however, in the proportion of births outside marriage, which from 4.4 % in 1981 has not stopped growing to reach 40.9 % in 2013.

The evolution of this rate has shown a rise in recent years to stand close to the European average.

However, since 2009 a further decline in fertility indicators which extends to 2013 has been recorded.

Thus Spain has gone from 14.1 live births per 1 000 inhabitants in 1981 to 9.1 in 2013.