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There are two ways to date: sequentially (one at a time) or aggregately (more than one at a time).

If you choose the former, I guarantee, on average, you'll deal with more heartache and finding your partner to jump the broom will take longer!

It's when a new person enters the picture and things seem great at first, but soon you realize they're not perfect after all and that there were qualities of your former boyfriend or girlfriend that you liked just as much.

Wouldn't it have been great to have had the opportunity to compare apples to apples?

If you choose the latter, on average, you will have a higher satisfaction level when dating and you will match with your beloved faster!

I wish I had a longitudinal study I could cite to immediately silence the naysayers, but I don't.

Dating multiple people at once should be a component of that plan. If you have specific questions about any of these tips, please reach out to me via Brunson or twitter @Paul CBrunson If I wasn't a matchmaker, I would be a Scotch Bonnet farmer in Jamaica...seriously, no joke!On my last trip to the island, I hung out with a few farmers and I'll never forget a nugget of wisdom one dropped on me "don't stop watering all your crops when one seed starts to sprout." WOW, can someone say #WINNING-QUOTE?It's an idea that can be applied to nearly every aspect of life, dating being no exception!Peep the math: The average woman will date 127 men before finding Mr. Assuming the average number of months you date each person is 1 (this is a very conservative estimate), dating sequentially would mean an average of 10 ½ years of dating to find your beloved! Based on my suggestion of dating up to 5 people at once, and assuming the same 127 line of men mentioned above, at an average of 1 month dating per man, it would take this person only 2 years of dating to find "the one." "Numbers don't lie" - Jay ZDating Is a Learned Skill This is a fact that those who are not "good" daters should take comfort in.There is a reason why the Pick Up Artist industry thrives and that is because there are certain skills, such as building a rapport and reading body language, that are key when dating.The dagger..30% fully disclosed their dating habits to all people they were dating.