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Furious and hurt, Jack confronted Bruce Wayne with a gun.Although Bruce took the gun away, the damage was done; Jack knew the secret identities of Batman, Robin and Nightwing.Batman brought Jack back to Gotham and cared for Tim.Some months after their return, Jack came out of his coma, but was left a paraplegic.Jack, meanwhile, had been sent a gun by the same killer, in the hopes that Jack would kill Boomerang and place him as the supposed murderer of Sue.

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Dana, also grief-stricken, is taken to a clinic in Blüdhaven for psychological treatment.

And so Tim would later approach Dick and Bruce, in the hopes of becoming the new Robin. During a trip over Haiti, the couple was captured by a psychotic holy man called the Obeah Man.

The couple was held hostage for money, until the Batman came to save them.

Tim felt he had no alternative and returned to his life as the Boy Wonder.

Although Jack disapproved, he realized that his son was too important to Gotham as Robin, and reluctantly allowed the boy to continue with his duties. Hired by the killer of Sue Dibny, Captain Boomerang breaks into the Drake family household in order to kill him.