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age, sex, distance, hobbies), the one filter unavailable is “cannabis-friendly.” Users who want to make that known have to write it in their profile upfront unless they use a cannabis-specific dating app like 420 Singles, My 420Mate, or High There.

To see what it takes to meet a man I can smoke with, I tried a handful of normal and cannabis-friendly apps.

It could use a cleaner, modern look, especially since cannabis subculture is changing with legalization.

Another setting gives you six “Likes” to enable: Outdoors, Music, TV/Movies, Culture, Food, and/or Gaming.

The design was far from clean, and after a few weeks of trying it, I’ve hardly opened it since.

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I searched through for weeks and found the profiles to be somewhat boring, often just one bad photo of dank nugs or a smoking blunt.After dinner on the second date, I went over his house, where we shared bongloads and kindled a friendship. A match on Tinder with a guy five years my junior revealed a profile that read he’s into motorcycles and photography.His photos depicted him sporting a long, tailored beard while sitting in a hot rod.Popular free apps Tinder, Bumble, and Ok Cupid promise connections with eligible men and women, but connections don’t always lead to successful dates.While mainstream dating app profiles divulge moderately personal information and provide search settings to narrow down the playing field to potential matches (e.g.There are gender and distance filters, but not one for age, though the app does list your age.