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So, like kids at a school dance, we sit on opposite sides of the room, blaming each other for being shy.

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“Regarding the girls’ psychological state, an expert said that what has negatively impacted their psyche is predominantly the sensational reproduction of the case on the media.” “If such sexual abuse had been going on for over 20 years,” Ertekin later offered, “why didn’t anyone say anything?

” Ertekin, who pointed out that he is the father of a daughter himself, also questioned Özkan’s credibility, alleging that many parents filed complaints against her for consistently skipping classes.

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“I still remember that scene,” Özkan says of the day she saw her former boss go free. On Father’s Day the newspaper ran an article about the principal who allegedly abused his position so he could sexually abuse children.

In late 2016, the Constitutional Court of Turkey ruled to annul a provision that punishes people who engage in sexual acts with children under the age of 15.

Critics said the action essentially legalized pedophila.

This is the exact opposite of, say, the interest a stranger shows to you when they give you chocolates or other goodies in exchange of affection – particularly when they say “Mum’s the word” following the treat.

“I thought I would erode their defenses,” says Özkan.