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Dec 17 – Roy Brooker, 41, unemployed painter and decorator, was killed after leaving the Gin Palace pub in Old Kent Road, SE London.

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Nothing is doing a great job at hiding her privates though and she ends up being entirely embarrassed. Ludella's eyes turn red with spirals once more, "Yes, Master. " Ludella suddenly feel completely exposed and vulnerable. In spite of her begging, he tells her he's going to leave her there until everyone in the office has a chance to see her like that. Please, not like this..some sex object on my desk...please!Ludella scolds POV, demanding to tell her what he's done and what's happening, but POV snaps his fingers again, putting Ludella back in the trance. Part of her is still aware and trying to fight it, but not able to do so, but soon she's mentally powerless and unaware. Then he has her hop around like a frog saying "ribbit." POV snaps Ludella out of the trance, and she continues a few more hops before realizing what she's doing. I will assume the position." She climbs onto her desk in a doggy style position, obediently, with her ass high in the air. She realizes that there's nothing she can do to stop him. Instead of threatening POV, she has changed her tune to begging and pleading. " Not only has he trained this bitch to he has her BEGGING.When he snaps his fingers, she'll awake and obey him completely.He snaps his fingers and her eyes open with red swirls in them. He decides to humiliate her and have some fun with her in this state for what a bitch she's been.

He strokes her big ass, sliding his fingers under her panties. He'll do everything he wants with File Size :424.3mb Resolution :1280x720mp4 Duration : Thumbnails : DOWNLOAD Girls Gone Hypnotized - Hypno Battle Part 2 Ludella and Nyxon have both been seeing the same guy.

She continues to taunt him and make fun of him, but he keeps holding the phone in front of her face. If you think your stupid little swirl was going to control me then you're more stupid than I thought you were." POV remains persistent, and holds phone with entrancing app in front of Ludellas face.

She has no idea that she's stripping completely naked until he snaps his fingers again to break her out of the trance. Then she looks down to realize shes naked, and embarrassingly and humiliatingly attempts to cover up her naked body with the items on her desk, like her papers and stapler.

Chrissy moans in pleasure while Ludella has her remove her bra so she can lick her nipples.

Then Ludella removes her own so that Chrissy can return the favor, licking her nipples and groping her BIG BOOBS. The tricks you do are worse than what a two year old could pull off." But POV promises he'll never come into her room again if she just lets him do one "trick." He wants to entrance her. I'll give you two seconds to try to mesmerize me and then you're OUT." She's being completely uncooperative, making fun of him and taunting him for his technique, but she finally humors him and stares into the swinging talisman.