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However, it was the pilot and without giving spoilers sufficive to say the ending gave much opportunity in the future to discuss art on a deeper level while maintaining the reality of the type of NYC lifestyle they wanted to establish.

Also, the sex/drugs were not done in a shove-down-the-throat way like many shows out today and were often accompanied by clever comedy.

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Fun, light-hearted, and remarkably accurate, The Dating Jungle can help you whether you met your new flame at the bar or online.But it was at least trying to show character growth with each plot point and establish how these people change which is something I suppose.Removing the staples from magazines before recycling was nonsense.The characters were very realistic and showed both the camaraderie and competitive dualities within close working musicians.The show has so much potential to be something set apart from the vast majority of cookie-cutter shows that are on the air today.It excelled at its goal and is worth watching on the big screen.