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He had a single mom and two little brothers living at home.The mother, god bless her, was living life on her terms, not giving a fuck.My mom was more open than other moms when it came to talking about sex.I presume she was anyway based on the fact that she would make penises out of Playdoh (circumcised, and uncircumcised varieties), give us condoms to play with, show us anatomy books and use words like “intercourse”.I tell you this not to brag, but to let you know that I was a good kid with a clear head on my shoulders and loads of experience behind me for my age.There’s one more piece of the puzzle that you need to understand, and this is the crux of my story so listen closely.I was basically just a walking, talking sexual health library.The only thing I didn’t know and the only thing they don’t teach you – which is a big fucking gap if you ask me – is the female orgasm.

She was a nurse, and frequently had different boyfriends.I was stealing alcohol and cigarette butts from my parents.We would walk downtown after school on a Friday night and ask someone on the street to buy us a pack of Rothmans.Those early lessons played a key role in helping me to feel comfortable in my own sexuality.If my early education came from my mom, then my later education came from popular culture, but not the deranged Nicki Minaj version we see now (thank god).My sources has run dry, it was uncomfortable as hell at home, and the shaming came to be so much that it was not worth the rebellion. I became the teacher’s pet again, and was really interested in doing well in school.