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On the positive side, unemployment declined in last decades, particularly for youth.
Therefore, the image of the older woman as unhealthy or hypochondriacal is a myth.

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(note 8) As mentioned before, the Cologne standard was not used everywhere.

There are many exceptions, all given in Fabian Stein's article, to mention a few: Augsburg = 1 mark = 236 grams, Nuremberg = 239 grams, Prague and Bohemia = 239,1 grams, Vienna/Bozen and Tyrolia - 1 Viennese mark = 16 lot = 280.644 grams.

Most collectors are familiar with termini technici like scratch weight, British registration mark, etc.

but in conversations about the various meanings of all these numbers, I found out that knowledge about these is sketchy at best. 1 shows the lid and rim of a sauce tureen, bearing the numbers 4, thus indicating that lid fits to body, but also that this tureen was one of a set of four. Larger collections with multiples of the same items introduced inventory numbers.

Numbers consisting of 1-2 digits and appearing on the underside of jugs, tea-and coffee pots are capacity indicators - showing the capacity of the vessel in half pints.(note 11) The manufacturer's numbers is a logical further development, but now every item was given its own specific number.Note Fig.10 casters and salts, made London 1867/68 by Hunt and Roskell in the 'Ashburnham' pattern, the salts are stamped with 4801, the matching casters with 4671. The obvious deduction is therefore that around middle of the 19th century not every silversmith used manufacturer's numbers, but by 1880 manufacturer's numbers were fairly common.In larger flatware services, pieces with different journeymen's marks may be found.To date there is no research into the identification of individual journeymen.The John Hay Library in Providence, RI is the home of the Gorham archives. Hough (note 13) will research your Gorham silver item.