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But “digital natives” don’t exist—at least according to new research—and it may be a fool’s errand to adapt traditional methods of learning or business to engage a generation steeped in technology.
San Francisco dating agency Symphony's CEO John Flynn (48) was twice shot in the chest fatally and dumped in a marina.

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He was arrested and detained by Aruban authorities in connection with the Holloway disappearance, only to be released after questioning.

I recommend this book to True Crime readers and people who want to learn more about these 2 cases.

In 2010, on the five-year anniversary of her disappearance, a young business student in Peru named Stephany Flores disappeared, only to be found dead three days later in a hotel room---registered to Van der Sloot.

He was arrested for the murder and confessed, but he later claimed he was coerced.

Again, if you open page 122 you will see that it says "May 30, 2005 Ica, Peru", while they needed to say "May 30, 2010 Ica, Peru" because they were continuing der Sloot's attempt to avoid capture by getting out of Peru as quickly as possible.

Now, that attempt happened in 2010 after he killed Stephany Flores, not in 2005 when he was in Aruba with his daddy saving his arse after Holloway's disappearance..