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"We're just trying to get our fair share," Olson said.
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Poly faithful dating

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Consider the following fictive example: you and your partner are nearly fantastic together outside of the bedroom and even sometimes inside the bedroom. In the past you acquired some real taste for BDSM, being submissive is a turn-on for you.

Your partner, however, has no interest in BDSM, or he or she also has a strong preference for being sexually submissive.

But the site Open, a dating site for polyamorous and open relationships founded by Brandon Wade, has well over 180,000 members worldwide.

This is a small indicator of the popularity and attraction of these alternative lifestyles.

Not everyone wants to know whether their partner is committing an act of infidelity.

But for some people jealousy doesn’t arise as long as the partner is not lying, deceiving you or keeping his affairs a secret the way he would if he were committing an act of infidelity.

If you are great together in every other respect, it may be worth considering opening up your relationship, allowing the more adventurous person or both people to experience BDSM outside the relationship, which will prevent you from having to modify some of your basic sexual preferences and sexual likes and dislikes.

In order for open relationships to work, almost everyone needs to implement rules in order to maintain and reinforce the basic commitment between the two main partners.

Still: jealousy can arise, particularly in anxiously attached individuals.

As blogger Kristen Sollee aptly puts it: Those unfamiliar with consensual non-monogamy are often incredulous that anyone can survive having multiple partners without being overtaken by the green-eyed monster.