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Now when I look at her and her teammates I see athletic young women who run around gymnasium floors and leap vertically to hit the ball with an outstretched arm.

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Here’s the Howard recap: Robin revealed that she and Jim broke up over the weekend: “I guess we wore out.” Howard didn’t believe it, because Robin was so into Jim, leading Robin to explain that Jim broke up with her: “We hit a patch there a couple months ago and I guess we’re not gonna get through it.” Howard asked if Robin was ever in love with Jim at any point, but Robin still refused to say: “I think very highly of Jim.” Robin continued, saying they had a talk and then some time to think and decided that the relationship was over: “It just happened yesterday.”Ralph called in to ask if Jim could be booked on the show for tomorrow morning, but Robin resisted: “I don’t think that so much…Maybe in a year.” Shuli, Jim’s close friend, came in to say he was happy to hear of the break-up, as he could now tell stories about Jim’s farts without Robin getting angry.

Greg asked how weird it was that Jim was probably listening right now, and Robin confessed that she hated the idea.

For years, Stern was known principally for pushing the limits of taste as the ringmaster of a raunchy circus of pranksters, oddballs and strippers.

During his decades on terrestrial radio, his main passions seemed to be, in no particular order, boob jobs, prostitutes, lesbians and flatulence. What I didn’t appreciate, until hearing Murray lay bare his deepest anxieties, is that since settling in to his new home on satellite radio, which he did in 2006, Stern and his show have gradually taken on an improbable new dimension.

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I’m not sure what my — what I’m getting done here,” he said, sounding like a man questioning his ultimate purpose.

But he seems warmer now and his interest in people has never had greater depth or range.

The interviews give the show a heft that it didn’t formerly have, turning his New York studio at Sirius XM into a destination of choice for those who a decade ago might have steered clear.“Today, if you go on a TV talk show and give a great six or seven minutes, people will link to it, if it’s incredible,” said Lewis Kay, who oversees media for Tracy Morgan, Amy Poehler and others.

If someone has an hour to sit and talk about their life and at the end they say, ‘By the way, that’s what brought me to this movie, or to write this book,’ it’s such a powerful vehicle for promotion.”It wasn’t easy convincing Stern to do an interview about his skills as an interviewer.

Initially he said no, and a week later, when he changed his mind, he would talk only on the phone.