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From the late 19th century onwards, Wales acquired its popular image as the "land of song", in part due to the eisteddfod tradition.
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You are originally from Switzerland, do you still maintain a connection to your roots? My present lifestyle, spread between countries and languages, must be connected to what I’ve been taught as a kid to an extreme extent: Nothing lasts, always be ready for change. I’ve built a very strong personal world that I take with me wherever I go such as nomadic projects based on committing to strong principles and critical exchange.That also drove me to being interested in everything we invent as extensions of some human part, so clothing as an extension of our skin let’s say, the wheel is an extension of our foot, electricity as an extension of our central nervous system, for example. They do not exist as a reality though, they are more a myth, perhaps a subject of fantasy, because I never really had or took the time to build them anywhere.And this expression has taken shape in a variety of ways in her short but extremely full and diverse career.As analytical as they come, this dark-haired beauty is continually in search of inspiration, self-improvement and stimulation – in all its many guises.It was very abstract choreography composed by the activation of movements and the succession of their patterns.As soon as a constellation of bodies would become off-balance, the opening motion would continue passing on throughout the entire length of the performance.

In a way, it’s never about “one” aspect in particular, it’s about the interdependence of each unit in a whole and the adaptability of each element in specific situations.Actually one of my projects, Novembre magazine – devoted to investigating the “Swiss case” in innovative arts and design – is obviously a form of connection, as it is concretely related to Switzerland through its ambition to approach the concept of “neutrality” and “roots” or uprooting processes and autonomy.We do it through a declension of filters as we collaborate on content with many other artists, designers, and engineers. I got into it when I was about 15, which is dramatically late compared to most performers in that field.Regularly moving between Geneva, London, Paris, and Berlin, she feeds off this sense of flux that filters into her creative output.With a distinct single-mindedness and confidence, Jeanne-Salomé has never been afraid of expression.Also, it’s about me taking a step back as a performer.