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I assumed for years and years and years that what I was pursuing – call it enlightenment, personal growth, betterment, becoming, or whatever else – actually existed and that I could attain it. I was willing to set aside all critical faculties – well, not ALL, but a lot – in hopes of salvation. In my actual experience there is no knowing, no certainty, no moving on, no next. So if I say to you, “There is no enlightenment,” and even if you believed me 100 percent…so what? So saying there is no enlightenment doesn’t do anything useful in my view. But even if we go with the vague idea that it is some permanent pleasant state, I can’t deny that it is a possibility. But it’s also true that no one could know that there is enlightenment because even if somebody has achieved that state and has done so for a hundred billion years, there is no way to know that next year won’t be the end of it. Do you have any way to know for sure that there is or is not enlightenment? And the emailer wants to know if that’s a possibility and if I’ve experienced it. I find that it is ironic that I searched and searched and searched for something other than what is happening with the insistence that this shouldn’t be.
Around two years ago, I wrote The ten reasons I hate Microsoft Lync the most.

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As well, you can access people’s profiles without matching with them, and leave a “like” on the profiles that spark your interest.I did find that the interface for this app was more confusing than most of the others on this list – sometimes I would end up on a page without being entirely sure how I got there.From your list of matches, you are able to browse others’ profiles and send messages to the people that interest you.It was actually mind-boggling how many of the different apps I downloaded had a design similar to Tinder’s, complete with swipe right/swipe left directions.

Since its 2012 launch, Tinder has quickly become one of the most popular forms of online dating.

Bumble (i OS only): Bumble was actually created by an employee of Tinder after she left the company, and was created with an intent to discourage gender issues in online dating.

Bumble includes almost all of the same features as Tinder, but has two key differences – women are the only ones who can message a match first, and if they don’t message within twenty-four hours of matching the match disappears.

These apps put their own spin on the idea of mobile dating, as both focus on the importance of an eventual in-person connection rather than online messaging.

These apps may not be super popular yet, but apps like these (ones that use mobile platforms to facilitate in-person connections) could easily end up being the future of online dating.