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Specifically, Obama became concerned that his white girlfriend was going to hamper his political prospects in Chicago at a time when he was already thinking seriously about becoming president one day.
The unforgiving winds, rain and hail appear to have worn away the paint on the Turkish Airline jet's nose, with cracks visible on the pilots' window.

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HPV-associated cancers make up over 5% of total diagnosed cancer cases worldwide, and this incidence is higher in developing countries where it is estimated to cause almost half a million cases each year.Some of the "early genes" carried by the HPV virus, such as genes E6 and E7, act as oncogenes that promote tumor growth and malignant transformation.

Although these latent infections may never be fully eradicated, immunological control is thought to block the appearance of symptoms such as warts.A wide variety of HPV types can cause genital warts, but types 6 and 11 together account for about 90% of all cases.Such infections may cause genital warts, although they may also remain asymptomatic.Genital warts are quite contagious, while common, flat, and plantar warts are much less likely to spread from person to person.HPV infection of the skin in the genital area is the most common sexually transmitted infection worldwide.Most HPV infections of the cervix are cleared rapidly by the immune system and do not progress to cervical cancer (see below the Clearance subsection in Virology).