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International and domestic studies, articles and reports in Sri Lanka are steadily illuminating the extent of sexual violence committed against women (and men) in the context of the war and times of ‘peace’.

Justice and accountability for these harms, however, remain noticeably absent.

Motor-rickshaw drivers outside the hotels frequently act as pimps.

At Mt Lavinia, a beach resort near Colombo, a middle-aged European was observed walking in the surf.

'One father told me: 'what did it matter, my son won't get pregnant',' recalled Ms Seneviratne.He approached a young boy, whirled slowly on the ball of his foot. The boy agreed and the two walked off holding hands.When a social worker mentioned seeing this awkward ballet movement, she was told by a colleague from Thailand that it was a code used by paedophiles for picking up boys.The scale of child prostitution is probably larger in the Philippines and in Thailand, but in Sri Lanka the problem is growing fastest.And, in Sri Lanka, nearly all the victims are boys, aged between six and 14.The two women were brutally raped and tortured in custody: The torture continued until the women signed confessions in Sinhalese, (falsely) affirming that they were members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who had carried bombs to Mannar.