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Well, yes, of course I loved him, but our marriage was like most: It had highs and lows.

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The WWW members stole everyone's PETs, including Netto's, but at this desperate moment they stumbled onto Hanayashiki's Net Navi in the park's exclusive PET, "Hanayashiki. The Hanayashiki PETs serve as stamp cards, and participants travel to different parts of the park to complete missions where they'll find a Navi's stamp and then stamp it onto a stamp card (putting them in the PET). Stamp rallies of this type are a uniquely Japanese event, used as a way of getting participants to visit every location at a given event space.

After collecting every stamp, fans can present it to a representative to get an original novelty item--the first and second halves of the event each have their own clear files, corresponding to the missions "Stop Dr. By filling out such stamp cards, participants both satisfy the host's desire to show off the space, and their own desire to win a prize or entry into a gift raffle.

We had failed to notice the poster at the entrance to the ride which describes just what Maverick has in store for aforementioned stomachs and central nervous systems.

Namely that riders will be hurled down a 100-foot first drop at a 95-degree angle – that’s steeper than vertical – whisked around 10 steeply banked turns ranging from 62 to 92 degrees, propelled over eight ‘airtime’ hills and flung around two corkscrews.

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The mission as a whole is a sequel to the original Rockman x Hanayashiki event, which had a similar stamp rally, framed art, and merchandise drawing on the classic Rockman series rather than EXE.We arrive at night, with some of the coasters still running. Captain Bell House is nicely furnished and our roomy accommodation comprises a kitchen, bathroom, double-room and a sofa bed that I fall asleep on faster than riders reach the top of Drag Thrill Coaster.Chatty host Phil will even do your laundry if you ask him.On the right track: Not every ride at Cedar Point is a white-knuckle experience (left), while pictured on the right is one of the park's popular wooden rollercoasters, Blue Streak, with Top Thrill Dragster behind it Luckily, there are some sterling cooling-down options.One is the air-conditioned marvel that is Johnny Rockets, a burger outlet that also does a nice line in delicious, so-thick-you-need-a-spoon milkshakes and banterous waiting staff with their ‘awesome-sauce! To dry off we hit more coasters, the gloriously swoopy Gatekeeper - whose 170ft inversion is the world's tallest - the brilliantly discombobulating Wicked Twister, the dangly-leg sensation that is Raptor and a variety of wooden coasters – Blue Steak, Gemini and Meanstreak.Players were actually required to complete one such rally near the end of Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar & Cybeast Falzar, as part of the Cyber City Expo.