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My fifth and final semester of university had so far been my busiest yet, and I really needed the chance to get away from campus. Chassidy had graduated back in December, and thankfully I had managed to talk her out of me knocking her up- I'm still not sure what the hell came over her to make her want that before entering a stable marriage. What with Brent and Claire being over (even if only for the moment, not that we knew), me and Devin were determined to help him find a few girls who'd relieve some of the weight on his shoulders, while getting laid ourselves.

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The Calendar Stone is recognized as an image of world cataclysm that may refer to a solar eclipse at the end of the world.

In addition, the codices are studied in terms of visual images of eclipses and a pattern linking solar eclipses to the death of a ruler.

This study focuses on a Postclassic Maya agricultural almanac in the Madrid Codex (12b-18b), which seems to show a registry of eclipses integrated with observations of Venus in the context of 260-day calendar (Tzolkin).

Using the dates of eclipses visible in Yucatan, it is possible to date the events between 14. As will be seen, examination of the origin and chronology of these egy censers indicates a local origin, even though there are possible precursors at Epiclassic sites.

These observations were probably linked with a maize cycle spanning 260 days.

The Aztecs and their Tlaxcalan neighbors used the Tonalpohualli to calculate eclipse events, and the Aztec Calendar Stone may represent a predicted eclipse event.As the site grew, the system of observation at Cerros developed into a form of architecture that only elites could access, thus creating a separate privileged form of knowledge.Later construction marked other important horizon events, most notably the spring equinox.The cycle of monuments linked to the Coyolxauqui myth are recognized as possible images of historical lunar eclipses.The Bilimek vessel is identified with an historical solar eclipse in 1508.Estos mismos son asociados con los detallados registros históricos documentados en inscripciones mayas que usan fechas de cuenta larga.